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OK, so maybe no one will ever need it but I did (or so I thought) so after not finding code available, I wrote it.

Basically, I needed to make a timestamp in an old version of ASP.  There are a few date string conversions in the VB of ASP but not the one I needed.  The newer ASP.NET has a richer collection but that was not the engine of the day.

I ended up with a function:

' Convert number to string with leading zero if needed
' Accepts 0 and up
' if 0-9 return 00, 01, ... 09
' if > 10 < 99 return number as text
' if > 100, modulus number to between 0 and 99

Function Return2CharForNumber( Value )
  TwoDigit = Value Mod 100
  If (TwoDigit > 9) Then
    Return2CharForNumber = CStr(TwoDigit)
    Return2CharForNumber = "0" & CStr(TwoDigit)
  End If
End Function

which was used like this for a timestamp:

  ThisYear = Return2CharForNumber(year(date()))
  ThisMonth = Return2CharForNumber(month(date()))
  ThisDay = Return2CharForNumber(day(date()))
  TimeStamp = ThisYear & ThisMonth & ThisDay

Nothing to brag about but I wanted to put out there in case it was any use to anyone (including me at a later time).

Now the sad truth, after writing it, debugging it, and deploying it – the interface changed back close to what was already in the code so the above is no longer needed.



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