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Well I did it. I have moved my IEEE mail over to GMail from my university mail. I still can use the Apple Mail integrated client and the iPhone to monitor both mail sources so my client side tools are relatively unchanged.

This will force me to explore the use of the Google client further. I think I have fixed all the From: issues so @ieee.org still shows up in my from address but time will tell. I am not using it again (yet) but if I were not use the imap client to Google, I would probably use MailPlane to provide various Mac interoperability’s.

Being the new year, I also purged old mail into an offline store (EagleFiler) and reorganized my filing system. Google uses Tags rather than folders and nesting does not make a lot of sense there. I also find myself searching more than using the hierarchical folder system so I have reduced (but not eliminated) the number of tags/folders. I used Mail.app’s IMAP capability to move the files from from one system to the other.

(updated 1/24/2009)

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