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Apple deprecating Java in 10.7

1 minute read

In Apple Trying to Ditch Java from Mac OS X, But Why? by Cory Bohon on Mac|Life the author reviews Apple’s recent announcement and his take on the situation....

Apple iTunes Shopping Experience Snafu

less than 1 minute read

Am I the only one is bothered by having Apple iTunes drop your purchase request when Apple decides to change their terms and forces you to agree to the new t...

Dropbox and symlinks

less than 1 minute read

Symlinks don’t work well with Dropbox. They cause unexpected unrolling of the symlink on the clients that don’t originate the symlink.

Adding multiple from addresses to iPhone

less than 1 minute read

For me, it it is adding an as an alternate from: address in the iPhone mail client associated with a Google gmail account.